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Large canvas art for living room

Decorative painting is a very important part of modern home decoration, choose a reasonable and beautiful decorative painting to decorate. The simple sense that can promote space and also make people feel comfortable, how to choose a decorative painting is the best. Below let ’s talk about “how to choose a wall art decor”.

The color of the decorates picture must be appropriate with the building and interior furnishings. For example, if the interior has a large area of white then choose a light frame; But if interior design mass-tone attune is a relatively bright color, so had better choose color bright-colored picture frame. Of course, also remember the frame and the choice of the abstract wall art itself color also want to coordinate.

The quality of the frame can determine the overall texture of the large abstract paintings. Therefore, we must pay attention to the craftsmanship and environmental protection of the frame, and choose the best within the budget. The better the brand's products, the better the workmanship and the better after-sales service. And many low-priced products are often inferior. Not only are they prone to quality problems such as peeling and cracking of painted leaves after use, but they also do not have sufficient after-sales service.

There are various styles of wall paintings on the market, but the style that does not say an adornment draws is a joker. The adornment picture of different themes and content suits different furniture styles. For example, Mosaic, acrylic and glass paintings are more colorful and warm in style, which is more suitable for newly married families. And hang to talk about to paint, bamboo makes up a picture, rope knot to draw this kind of craft sex is stronger adornment draws on whole dignified and primitive simplicity, the lasting appeal is thick, suit for color darker Chinese style household style; And more modern photograph kind is painted on the picture more anacreontic, the level is clear, vision is open, appropriate at contracted and distinctive modern household decorates a style.

Size of the space
The size of the wall art in canvas is not invariable. The size of the decorative painting should be selected according to the size of the space. If the space is relatively small, choose a small decorative painting and frame. Here is a small suggestion. If there are more furniture or other accessories in a small space, you can actually drop the decorative painting, leave enough space for space, make the space look coordinated and cheerful, and reduce the sense of oppression.
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Family atmosphere
The family atmosphere is two-way. A reasonable choice of decorative painting can also enhance the family atmosphere to a certain extent. Ordinary families can choose a simple modern abstract wall art to reflect the cultural atmosphere; families with relatively strong artistic accomplishments can choose decorative paintings according to their preferences, or use some collectible paintings to enhance the taste of space.
In general, the choice of decorative painting is to make space different, so the quantity is not the most important.
The current decorative painting area is also very small, and if it is densely hung in a certain area, it will look good.
But keep in mind, that doesn't mean it can be covered.
Under the premise of leaving blank, to ensure the overall texture of the decoration.

how to choose a painting for a room

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