Sunday, January 13, 2019

What is concrete painting and oil painting?

From the essential characteristics of concrete Large Abstract Paintings, the language of concrete painting is decomposed into basic vocabulary such as body, structure, light and shadow, space, tone, tonality, emotional atmosphere, thick and thin, dry and wet, and the general rules of the composition of concrete Large Canvas Art are revealed within the framework of three systems: modeling language, color language and picture structure language.

Minimalist Painting Canvas Art, Large Black And                                         White Wall art

Under the rational thought of advocating science, Western traditional Oversized Abstract Art pays more attention to the imitation of things, and the excavation of abstract language is still in the spontaneous period. However, the abstraction of language still lurks behind the pursuit of "authenticity". This kind of latent abstract language has provided many beneficial enlightenment for the development of Large Modern Abstract Art. Through the analysis of abstract language in traditional oil painting, it will help us to understand the development context of Western oil painting more deeply. And it can provide effective reference for the development of the present image oil painting.

The artistic images in concrete works of art are identifiable. Greek sculptures, modern realism and modern super-realism are regarded as typical representatives of this kind of art because their images are very similar to natural objects. Representational art widely exists in human art activities, ranging from primitive cave frescoes in Europe to religious frescoes in Renaissance, from Buddhist art in India to portrait bricks and stones in China, we can see such works of art, which is still an important artistic style in art creation. Ancient European imitation theory, ancient Chinese image theory and L. Da Vinci's comments are well-known theoretical expressions of figurative art.

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