Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Key to Distinguishing Photographs from Oil Paintings

In fact, there is a school of oil painting art called "hyperrealism". The pictures of the works can be shown indiscriminately, reaching the point of "second killing" camera, and producing a strong visual shock. In oil painting creation, there are also many people to "face the photo painting" as a method.


Leng Jun, Vice President of Wuhan Painting Academy, is one of the representatives of superrealism Large Wall Art painting in China. He is also the judge of the oil painting exhibition area of this art exhibition. In Leng Jun's view, the works selected for this Oversized Abstract Art exhibition "only a very small number are true hyperrealism, most of them are realism."

Is there a lack of creativity in drawing pictures? According to Leng Jun, "It is common for artists to use photographic materials to create, but it is meaningless to copy photographs altogether. How to embody the "painting idea" of a painting in terms of the degree of material transformation and the artist's exertion is a factor considered by the judges.

Xiao Feng, a famous oil painter, believes that since the first batch of Chinese students went to the West to study oil painting in the 1980s, Chinese oil painters have formed a "million army" up to now, and the oil painting exhibition at this national art exhibition is also "unprecedented grandeur", "China will undoubtedly become a big oil painting country."

But Xiao Feng also said, "Big Contemporary Painting is not necessarily a powerful country. As an official national exhibition, the theme of the National Art Exhibition has a certain tendency. Although the style of the works absorbs something of modernity, it is still not enough. Large Handmade Abstract Painting language should be colorful, not just realistic. Compared with the world trend, we still need to work hard.

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